Shown in this section are some images taken by British Press photographers working for CENTRAL PRESS PHOTOS LTD incorporating Central News Illustrations Service of 119 Fleet Street London EC4 in the 1920's and 1930's. In this particular archive there are many negatives covering Royal openings etc, there are also many negatives taken on HMS Renown in 1927 plus overseas visits. Only a small representation is shown here due to space and time. If anyone has any wish to use any in a publication or documentary/film, please get in touch.

The majority have been taken from the original glass negatives, so the quality is exceptional in most cases.

Many images taken by the Press photographers at each assignment and not all of them would have been published. Some negatives have been found to have a copy print with a press release in the same protection envelope, and these are the ones that more than likely would have appeared in a newspaper or periodical of the day. Other negatives have either nothing written about them or have only brief information written in pencil on the margin of the back of the negative; these ones may not have been published before.

All information known will be listed against each image.

Some images have been taken by Jimmy Sime of the famous 1937 'Toffs & Toughs' photograph fame.

"Five English boys: two dressed in the Harrow School uniform including waistcoat, top hat, boutonnière, and cane; and three nearby wearing the plain clothes of pre-war working-class youths. The picture was taken by Jimmy Sime on 9 July 1937 outside the Grace Gates at Lord's Cricket Ground during the Eton v Harrow cricket match. It has been reproduced frequently as an illustration of the British class system, although the name "Toffs and Toughs" may be no older than 2004." Information courtesy of Wikipedia -

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